For the Love of Rooster

Our friend Rooster was in a serious crash a few weeks ago. Ken, our mechanic and good friend put together a fabulous fund-raiser today at Flossie’s. Lot’s of bikes, beer, music and friends. Wishing you a speedy recovery Rooster.


c12-Rooster Benefit-026.jpgc26-Rooster Benefit-008-2.jpgc32-Rooster Benefit-001-2.jpgc45-Rooster Benefit-006.jpgc5-Rooster Benefit-012-2.jpgc62-Rooster Benefit-022.jpgc74-Rooster Benefit-015-2.jpgc74-Rooster Benefit-031.jpgc75-Rooster Benefit-030-2.jpgc83-Rooster Benefit-005-2.jpgc87-Rooster Benefit-013-2.jpgc91-Rooster Benefit-032-2.jpgc93-Rooster Benefit-001-2-2.jpgc97-Rooster Benefit-021-2.jpgc97-Rooster Benefit-024-2.jpgRooster Benefit-032.jpgRooster Benefit-035-2.jpgRooster Benefit-035.jpgRooster Benefit-036-2.jpgRooster Benefit-036.jpgRooster Benefit-037-2.jpgRooster Benefit-038.jpgRooster Benefit-039.jpgRooster Benefit-040-2.jpgRooster Benefit-041-2.jpgRooster Benefit-042-2.jpgRooster Benefit-045-2.jpgRooster Benefit-046.jpgRooster Benefit-047-2.jpgRooster Benefit-049.jpgRooster Benefit-050-2.jpgRooster Benefit-050.jpgRooster Benefit-056.jpgRooster Benefit-057.jpgRooster Benefit-058.jpgRooster Benefit-059.jpgRooster Benefit-067.jpgRooster Benefit-070.jpgRooster Benefit-073.jpgRooster Benefit-074.jpgRooster Benefit-075.jpgRooster Benefit-076.jpgRooster Benefit-080.jpgRooster Benefit-081.jpgRooster Benefit-082.jpgRooster Benefit-084.jpgRooster Benefit-087.jpgRooster Benefit-088.jpgRooster Benefit-092.jpgRooster Benefit-112.jpgRooster Benefit-114.jpgRooster Benefit-115.jpgRooster Benefit-121.jpgRooster Benefit-122.jpgRooster Benefit-123.jpgRooster Benefit-124.jpgRooster Benefit-125.jpgRooster Benefit-129.jpgRooster Benefit-131.jpgRooster Benefit-132.jpgRooster Benefit-142.jpgRooster Benefit-143.jpgRooster Benefit-144.jpgRooster Benefit-148.jpgRooster Benefit-154.jpgRooster Benefit-156.jpgRooster Benefit-159.jpgRooster Benefit-161.jpgRooster Benefit-163.jpgRooster Benefit-165.jpgRooster Benefit-168.jpgRooster Benefit-169.jpgRooster Benefit-172.jpgRooster Benefit-174.jpg


If you see an image you’d like to have, please shoot me an email:

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Daytona Bike Week 2011

As teenagers living in Central Florida, our beach of choice was Daytona. The stories I could tell about those days :)   Declaring that someday I would ride my own motorcycle down main street during bike week, this was finally the year. We enjoyed three days of gorgeous weather, crashing wave lullabies at night, and eye candy everywhere. Too bad there was more of it for the guys than for us gals. At least the bikes were stunning.


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Everglades City Seafood Festival

First weekend in February – the Everglades City Seafood Festival draws thousands of visitors to this normally small fishing village. A true festival bringing together fair rides and games, arts and crafts, vendors of all kinds, music, beer and boat loads of food. It takes us about 2 1/2 hours to get there – a decent ride through the Big Cypress National Reserve. US 41 is the real “Alligator Alley”; especially in winter when you see so many gators sunning along the banks of the canal that runs parallel to the road.


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Love Drop

Found this amazing site today and signed up for everything!  You can help too.  Bikers may be scary to people who don’t know us – but I know that we’re all the nicest and most generous people on earth.  This month’s family really needs a service dog.

Love Drop is a micro-giving network of people who unite as a community to make a difference in the lives of one person or family a month. By giving just $1.00, they make it easy for their members to change lives in a fun and super easy way. At the end of every month, Nate and J$ show up in the town the families live in and present them with everything the team raised — all the money, the gifts, whatever the community helped get. It’s all on film, and it all ends with us making a difference! (And then it starts all over again the next month) This month we are coming together for 2 beautiful kids with severe autism — Ethan & Alex. Our goal is to raise $13,000 on behalf of 4 Paws for Ability so that we can place a highly trained service dog with their family (the dog is completely free, but the training that goes into it is very very expensive). And if possible, three iPads so they can all communicate better with each other (Alex is completely non-verbal). Here are 3 ways you can help:
  1. Spread the word – Tell your family, your friends, anyone you think would be interested in this (so basically, hit the share button on Facebook, haha…)
  2. Join our new Blogger Network If you have a blog, this is the easiest and best way to keep our mission moving. We’ll give you all the content you need, and all you have to do is blog about the person we’re helping once a month.
  3. Think up some creative ways we can give to our recipients. Maybe a special gift?  Or some services we can offer to help them out? Gift cards are a GREAT idea too!  Clickover here and we’ll make it happen :)
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It Takes Skill

Last weekend our HOG chapter LOH group hosted a ladies only skills class. Our chapter is blessed with two highly talented drill teams and several certified MSF instructors. Many thanks to Stacy, Cindy, and Beverly for their patient coaching and constant admonitions to “LOOK AT ME” while we executed straight weaves, u-turns and the tear drop offset weave (really a series of figure eights around cones).  It was fun and exhausting in the 80 degree heat using all the focus and concentration we could muster. And then there was lunch and relaxation and hanging out with a great group of friends. And generosity. From the cute little gift bags from our LOH president Ela, to our favorite benefactor Bill picking up the entire lunch tab – it was an all around glorious day. Thank You.


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Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show

The blog’s been down a few months. Somehow I managed to lose my entire site and so we’re re-building. This time with more emphasis on photos.

The Dania Beach Antique Motorcycle Show had something for everyone under a gorgeous cloudless sunny blue sky.

I love Florida winter :)


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